FairyLoot’s May Legendary Box

I could’ve sworn that after the huge let down of the ‘Myths and Monsters’ box that I would never get another FairyLoot…famous last words, haha! The previews for this box enticed and beckoned me to the point of distraction, and I just had to click that order button again, gosh darn it! May’s theme was ‘Warriors and Legends’ due to the featured book having a bad ass heroine who could slice and dice you! Soooooo, let’s get this unboxing on the road!

The spoiler card was pretty awesome with the illustration of a female warrior and her fierce looking wolf companion! That’s a wolf, right? As usual, I would be showing rather than just flipping this card and spoiling the goodies inside.

The first item was this silver metallic pen from Flora’s Wonder Emporium. I actually had the gold version of this from another box, so I was stoked to have another one! No messy ink spillage for this one!

Next up was this exclusive 2 oz. opposing tin candle from In the Wick of Time! I was so excited for this because I recently just received an order from them and let me tell you, I was very satisfied with all the candles I got from them! The scent throw was pretty potent for the ones I already lighted up, so getting another candle from them was very welcome indeed! The reason why it’s opposing was because you either get the flame or mist candle (the book should be obvious by now). For such a small size, the orange blossom and mint really pulled through on this one. I would hate to light this because once it’s gone, then it’s gone…such was the nature of exclusive items!

These socks just rocked my world! I could never have too many socks with awesome designs! These celtic socks with the celtic knot pattern was brought to us by FairyLoot! The material was thick and soft to the touch, so I’d have to wait for a colder weather to use these. I despised summer, btw…

By this point, the smile I had was face breaking. I LOVE TEA SO FREAKING MUCH! I thought things couldn’t get any better, but I really should’ve stopped assuming. This exclusive Warriors and Legends blend by the Tea Leaf Co was not only organic, the flavor was green tea with hints of jasmine and lychee! This combo legit slew me. I was so stoked to try this! As the Japanese would say, arigatōgozaimasu!

At this point, I was just so done in the best possible way. I believe I’d mentioned in my Nerdy Post Middle Earth unboxing how much of a Tolkienite geek I was and to see this just pretty much made this box godly to me. This One Ring bookmark from Ink and Wonder was just too epic for words! I own a couple of stuff from them already and I was super ecstatic to add more to my collection! Plus, if you’re like an eco friendly individual, be reassured that their bookmarks were from sustainably sourced wood!

As a bonus, this Naondel sampler was included. It’s a tale of opression and servitude – a group of women must use their powers, patience and dreams to gain their freedom from their Master. This totally coincided with the whole theme of this box and of the featured book!

This month’s box really was quite legendary in that FairyLoot gave us two books, not including the sampler above! Ever since I was a middle schooler, I had a huge fascination with Greek and Egyptian mythology. I would devour any books I could get my hands on, and any project I did pertained to these stories, topic permitting. This interest carried on to my high school and college years to the point that my electives were world classics, tragedies and obviously mythologies. Seeing this book brought an atmosphere of fond nostalgia for me, and I’m very excited to crack this ‘World Mythology in Bite-Sized Chunks’ by Mark Daniels.

Finally, the star of the show was Renée Ahdieh’s ‘Flame in the Mist.’ In this, we got a Mulan retelling set in feudal Japan. Had you seen the Disney movie? It’s one of my favs for sure! Nothing like a woman showing her mettle in a patriarchal and misogynist society! Of course, we also got a signed book plate, bookmark and letter from the author.

Overall, I’m beyond satisfied with this box. Definitely got my money’s worth! The FairyLoot team chose all the bookish items that I mostly gravitated to with small businesses that I already supported. Plus, they also picked a book from an author that I liked, so I’m an uber content gal right now!


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