Wick and Fable’s Luxe Velaris Dreams Spa Kit

I cannot tell you how long I’ve anticipated this box! As soon as Wick and Fable announced this ACOTAR themed box, I couldn’t hit the preorder button fast enough. This spa kit is appropriately named ‘Velaris Dreams.’ Everything in it is geared to promote wellness and calmness for the consumer with the hope that using the spa kit will be akin to visiting a spa salon in Velaris. How awesome is that? Without further ado, let’s see if this box is what dreams are really made of.

As this info card says, I decided to go all out and ordered the Luxe spa kit. You could have also gotten the regular Essentials spa kit, but I’m not all about that restricted life- I wanted to be pampered to the max! The Luxe kit has extra goodies not included in the regular Velaris Dreams kit!

How pretty is this small print? I’m a sucker for galaxy designs and this really captures what the Night Court is all about. This design is from A Korean Seoul.

This mini print is also from the artist I mentioned previously! I’m digging the almost paint splatter effect…really reminds you of that Ch. 55 scene in ACOMAF (wink wink).

This fantastic Feyre print is from La La Dreamy Land. It’s probably one of my favorite lines from Feyre, and I’m glad it got immortalized in this beautiful print. Now, let’s get to the candles!

House of Mist contains top notes of bergamot, eucalyptus, raspberry with middles notes of fresh mint and pine needles. I can definitely smell the sweetness and tartness of the raspberry and bergamot while I’m thinking the earthy fragrance I’m picking up is probably the pine needles. I can’t really get a sense of the coolness of the eucalyptus and fresh mint, so I’m hoping those come out once I burn this. Overall, it’s a soft and sweet scent! This is a bonus candle that was kindly included because originally, the Luxe spa kit was supposed to be in a wooden box but due to unforeseen circumstances, it couldn’t be fulfilled. While I was bummed in the beginning (I was already planning photo sessions in my head), I couldn’t say no to more candles, haha!

Inner Circle has notes of pine with cinnamon, warm amber and dragon’s blood. First sniff, I can already get a sense of the amber and pine. I’m not sure what dragon’s blood smells like, but this candle has a masculine scent to it. If I concentrate hard enough, there’s a spicy sweetness at the end of it that’s reminiscent of cinnamon. This is a very complicated mix and I’m loving it!

Velaris Dreams has a blend of ozone, driftwood, salty sea breeze and water lilies. This has an overall soft floral scent to it. I’ve always been fond of the neutral but crisp fragrance of ozone, and I really like how it blends well with the water lilies. The driftwood and sea breeze are kinda lost to me, since I’m not familiar with their notes. I can imagine this will be a calming candle to use if you’re reading or soaking in your tub.

Court of Dreams has sandalwood, warm tonka beans, white citrus, midnight flowers and soft breezes. I don’t know about you, but I’m in awe of how fragrances that have breezes in it can be captured into perfume oils. Anyways, as soon as I sniffed this, the first thing that comes to mind is a hand cream I use called Tuscan Honey by Camille Beckman– which means insta-love! It’s got a sweet honey smell to it with something floral underneath. It’s a very feminine fragrance and this will be so good as a lotion! It’s very relaxing to me, which is the point of the scent mix!

Court of Nightmares is all about that crisp alpine air, frozen mountain with iced vetiver and pine- definitely a masculine concoction! I’m getting a scent of a cool spiciness that reminds me of winter. I find myself more enamored of masculine fragrances and this is definitely my favorite out of the bunch! It’s so sexy, just like the debauchery of the Court of Nightmares!

Last is this full 8 oz. jar of Illyrian Warrior! I forgot to mention that the previous candles are 4 oz. Here’s another item that’s only exclusive to the Luxe box! This has aquiate, jasmine, citrus and bergamot. This is a neutral scent for me. There’s a crispness and freshness to it that’s masculine while there’s also a tartness that can be feminine. It’s a nice combo and I can say with certainty that this is my second favorite candle!

This Soulmates Tea Blend has apple bits, hibiscus blossom, lemongrass, orange wedges and peach bits! What’s cool about this is it can be steeped for tea or placed in a muslin bag for a facial steam! I love that! Just from the ingredients alone, I already know I’m going to love this tea! Now, let’s move on to the bath stuff!

The Velaris Bubble Bath Bomb is made by Fizzy Fiction. I’ve never been one for bath bombs, since I’m a shower kinda gal but lately, I’ve tried a couple and they made me feel fancy, haha! I’m excited for this because not only will it be colorful, but it’ll also be a bubbly bath for me! This is supposed to smell like freesia and rain!

This super pretty Night Triumphant soap is made from goat’s milk with many essential oils that your skin will be happy to soak in! This is one of the newer products that Wick and Fable will be introducing in their shop in the near future.

There’s no way I wouldn’t show you the back! Look how gorgeous the purple is! I can’t wait to use this! The last two items I’m about to show are my favorites and once again, they’re also only exclusive to this kit!

The Night Court Soaking Salt is just pure awesomeness! Some of the ingredients include mineral rich dead sea salt, essential oils and dried rose petals. It smells so lovely! I’ve never used bath salts before, but I’m so stoked to try this!

My ultimate love is this decadent and luxurious Star Mist Nourishing Oil! It’s almost too beautiful to use! Don’t even get me started with the fragrance- it’s to die for! It’s got oils that your skin will thank you for after using a few drops of this! The floating globe amaranth flowers inside really just complete this product up into one bottle of pure perfection! You can use this for your face, body, hair and nails! I really cannot wait to find that one perfect day where no one is home, and I can just have the bathroom all to myself and use up this spa kit. I am beyond satisfied that I decided to splurge and get this! I feel really sorry for those who missed out.

If you like everything you see, then maybe you don’t want to miss out again and might try out the Dark Arts June box! Unfortunately, this will only be a candle and tea box but if you’re a Potterhead and a villain lover like I am, then you don’t want to skip on this! Head on over to Wick and Fable and secure a limited edition box for yourself!


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