Enchanted Book Box’s Game of Thrones

I don’t know about you but after watching all the previews for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, I am so pumped for it! I didn’t know that one of my bookstagram friends, Kailey, is the creator and owner of Enchanted Book Box, and my mind is so blown by this oversight! Fortunately, she had a special box for May that was GoT themed, and I was on that like bees to honey! Let’s see if this box will be a win or die scenario, just like when you play the game of thrones!

Off the bat, I see this awesome parchment with the House Stark’s direwolf sigil wax seal! It’s the spoiler list of what Westerosi goodies are inside! I didn’t have the heart to unseal it because it will be a good bookstagram prop, haha! I’d rather show off the stuff anways!

Y’all know that I’m cuckoo crazy for tea, so this ‘Milk of the Poppy’ loose leaf blend with rooibos, apple, jasmine, vanilla and caramel looks heavenly for me already! FYI, Milk of the Poppy is the GoT’s version of a high grade pain killer AKA the good stuff, which I’m sure this tea will be! This blend was made by Loskeever Ammiccante.

Next up are bookmarks and fan art! The epic bookmark with Dany’s dragon eggs is made by Jessica Scissorhands! You should check out her Etsy stuff because she also has pins, cards and patches for other fandoms! The Daenerys Collector Card is by Mystic Moon Media! The CG art is pretty impressive and if you’re a fan of this style, they have more to offer in their shop! Last is by another lovely bookstagram friend, Ruthie! Besides bookmarks and prints of chalk art, Ruthie creates out of this world custom Funko pops! I call her the Queen of Custom Funkos!

Here’s an army of Rhysand customs she made for those Night Lord fangirls! Visit her shop Dust and Pages for more epic hand made stuff!

This pin, dedicated to the Imp of Casterly Rock, is by Geektastic Creations! Do you remember the scene when he said this, if you’re really a Tyrion Lannister fan?

I was almost sure there would be blood splatters within the pages, but alas! It’s up to me to color this with the blood of my enemies! I kid, I kid! This GoT Coloring Book has art of characters from the show from the hated Petry Baelish to the fan fav Jon Snow! You can either completely trash the page of your most despised character (yes, you Cersei Lannister) or show off your artistic skills by doing justice to the image of Kit Harrington! You can find more coloring books and other goodies in Sweet Geek’s shop!

Ok, I’m pretty excited with this one! If you’ve read my Nerdy Post Middle Earth unboxing, you’ll know that I also got a Shire Post Mint coin in there. I love the concept of fantasy coins and getting a House Martell dedicated coin is fantastic, indeed! The detailing of their sigil with the sun and spear and their words are just spot on! I’m so happy to add this in my collection!

Not sure about you, but I can never have too many lip balms! This ‘Sansa’s Lemon Cakes’ balm by Nerdie Nifties will be used frequently, you can be sure of that! My lips need moisturizing year round because I can’t stand dry and chappy lips! Plus lemon cake flavored balm is so much win! I still don’t like Sansa, FYI…

A book box just can’t be complete without a bookish candle, folks! This King’s Landing inspired candle by Flickering Tales smells like spices, sea breeze and musk! While the fragrance blend is very accurate to the scent wafting from this 2 oz. tin, unfortunately, the true scent of King’s Landing is the poverty of Flea Bottom, unwashed bodies, excrement and the fishy smell of Blackwater Bay. So yea…I definitely prefer this imagined scent than the real thing, haha!

Last is this featured book by Andrew Shvarts! The title is so appropriate with the GoT theme of this box! The synopsis is about a group of natural born children who go on adventures to save their kingdom from being ravaged by civil war. Sounds exciting, right? Just like Albus Dumbledore said “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” Just like in GoT, bastards always have to work harder to show their true worth, and I’m interested how this book will play out!

If you like what you saw in this box, then be sure to try out for the June Box with the theme of #Bookstafame here at Enchanted Book Box while they still have a few boxes in stock!


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