Wick and Fable and the Dark Arts

I was a creature of darkness and a staunch supporter of the Dark Side so when Wick and Fable announced that their June monthly box would be Dark Arts, I fanatically donated my money to the cause of my Dark Lord Voldemort. So, without further ado, let’s crack this Harry Potter themed box open and make those mudbloods jealous!

Before I unraveled the wicked goodies inside, I had to take a moment and admire the awesomeness of this information card designed just like the Daily Prophet! I loved how the W&F team always went super extra with their effort to make their items be as cohesive and aesthetically pleasing together as much as possible!

It wasn’t a comprehensive list, but this bookmark by A Korean Seoul had a few prominent and well-known Death Eaters included in it. I wish I could scratch off Pettigrew, haha!

Boy, was I stoked when I saw this exclusive tattoo of “I Must Not Tell Lies” by BookMarkdTattoos! I’ve actually ordered a few tats from this shop before, and I was satisfied with the designs and quality of them. Check my Dark Mark temporary tat – it’s bloody wicked:

Katie has more designs from other awesome fandoms in her shop, so make sure to head on over there and grab one for yourself!

Next up were these art prints, on good quality card stock, of Bellatrix and young Tom Riddle with his basilisk by the uber talented Camille Fourcade! One of the reasons why I was so lured to the Dark Side was because villains were just too sexy and good looking for their own good! I mean, let’s not even kid ourselves…young, Head Boy Tom Riddle was a handsome bloke, yea?

Aww, lookit the adorable Lord Voldemort in a pocket keychain version! Imma just hang this in my purse so I’m always reminded of my everlasting allegiance to the last Heir of Slytherin! So cute…(please don’t kill your most loyal and humble servant, My Lord!)

I wonder if I’d really turn to another person if I drank this Polyjuice Potion tea blend. This yummy bag was chock full of fresh, organic green tea with pineapple and papaya. I was excited to try this bad boy out because pineapple and papaya were tropical flavors that I loved!

I legit squealed when I saw this bonus black feather quill and ink set curated for us by the W&F team! I’ve always wanted one for myself, not for writing because my penmanship was awful, for aesthetic bookstagram reasons! I mean, I’d still like to try writing with it, but I wasn’t even going to delude myself that it would be pretty calligraphy, haha! Alritey, on to the candles!

Could you name all the Unforgivable Curses? The label design was an eerie Hogwarts surrounded by dementors and the wax color was a plain white. I was expecting something dark and musky for this. Instead, I got something soft and weak. The scents for this were supposed to be spicy musk, cinnamon and intense tobacco. Unfortunately, this was a dud for me. Maybe I just got a candle from a weak batch or the fragrances just didn’t work as well as they should have. I hoped the rest of the candles would be better or else, this box might be unforgivable for me.

Secrets of the Darkest Art was a step up from the first candle. I liked the lilac coloring of the soy wax and the smell was more prominent. It had notes of crushed sage and oud wood. All I could say was it had an overall feminine, earthy scent that reminded me of a lotion I once used. I wish it smelled stronger, tho.

Forbidden Forest had a darker purple wax and so far, I was loving it. It’s a gender neutral fragrance of fresh lavender, geranium, cedar wood, mahogany, and oak. I was glad that the floral scent wasn’t over the top because too strong, and it could make me a little woozy!

Dementor’s Kiss with its light blue wax had a sweet iciness to it and no wonder! It had spearmint, peppermint, menthol and lemon going for it! I guess it’s a comfort to imagine that getting the dreaded Kiss was akin to chewing a mint bubble gum, haha! I hoped that once I got the chance to burn this that the lemon’s tartness would surface a bit to add contrast to the overall mintiness of the candle.

Last was Morsmordre and I dug the label with the Death Eaters looking at the Dark Mark in the sky! The wax was a softer green and it’s the most masculine out of all the other candles. I could definitely get a whiff of the patchouli and dark amber fragrances! While I was more attracted to manly scents, this was my favorite mainly because of the strength of the smell. I’d give the candles a bit more time to settle…maybe the scents would get stronger for the other ones too.

All in all, I’d give this box a 3.5/5 stars. I had to reluctantly deduct points off for the scent weakness of the candles. I mean, it’s great and all that the goodies were fantastic but ultimately, I got this box for the candles. While I was very happy with all the curated items and presentation of the box, the candles definitely disappointed me. I was hoping they would be heavier and more potent, but they weren’t. Crossing my fingers that they would be more fragrant once I lit them up!


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