Wick and Fable’s August Anime Classics

Heya, folks! It’s been awhile! I’m back for another candle box review! Wick and Fable introduced a new box for us candle aficionados! It’s not as big as the previous ones, but this sampler set is cheaper and just as eclectic in its scent selections! For the month of August, the first theme is Anime Classics! I was so on board for this because anime was my childhood and even if I don’t watch as much now, I still enjoy some selected series once in awhile. Well, let’s get unboxing!

First up, we got this cute info card that’s been designed and hand drawn by A Korean Seoul! If you’re not familiar with the characters, then let me introduce Kiki from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’, Totoro from ‘My Neighbor Totoro’, Kaonashi from ‘Spirited Away’ and Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon! The first three characters are famous Hayao Miyazaki characters! Alright, let’s get to the goodies!

Here’s a super cute sticker of the number one most surprising ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, from the epic series, ‘Naruto!’ I’ve never watched all the episodes, because there’s just way too much, but I do like the concept of it! I have my favorite characters, but you can’t deny the allure of the underdog, going from zero to hero! Fun Fact: Naruto means fish cake, but it also means maelstrom!

Next up is this adorable Totoro sketchbook! I wish there are more pages, but its cuteness cannot be denied! The pencil pouch is not included in the box, haha!

Okay, this is my legit favorite! If you’ve never read the Card Captor Sakura manga by CLAMP, or watched the show, then you are so seriously missing out! Sakura Kinomoto is the epitome of a classic mahou shoujo aka a magical girl! I’m so stoked that the W&F team included a Sakura Card enamel pin! It’s not really a Clow Card because in the second arc of the series, Sakura was able to evolve her predecessor’s magical cards into her own, which are a signature pink in color! So kawaii!

Now, this tickles me in the best way possible because I heart Pikachu from Pokémon! I remember watching the anime, playing the games in my Game Boy, collecting Pokémon cards and also getting active with Pokémon Go! Also, ironically, my Instagram handle name is @pikamikareads, haha! This Pika Pika Electricitea is just way too awesome for words! It’s a small canister of organic black tea blend with osmanthus flowers! Idk what that is, but I’m sure my cup will be sweet and delicious! Let’s not forget the accompanying sticker of our favorite electric mouse Pokémon! I’m so happy W&F chose Pikachu out of all the other Pokémon! Alritey, let’s get to the main attraction!

The first sampler candle is Nakama from ‘One Piece!’ It’s got citrus, lavender, salty breezes and honey blossoms going for it! I’ve never watched ‘One Piece’ but I can safely say that this smells tart and floral—I like it! FYI, nakama means friend!

Oh, duuuuuuude! Even if you’ve never watched Sailor Moon, you must have heard about it at least! I remember always skiving off nap time when I was a kid just so I could watch the episodes every afternoon! I got my butt slapped for being a naughty child, but so worth! This Sailor Stars candle is just oh-so-sweet and lovely! It’s supposed to have grapefruit, lemon, violet petals and a small hint of sandalwood! I can definitely smell the grapefruit and lemon on first sniff, and I love how a little floralness from the violet is layered beneath that! It’s a really feminine scent! I hope Wick and Fable makes a full size in the name of the moon!

This Ghibli inspired candle, Witch Delivery, has gotta be my favorite! It’s like a small bakery in a jar! The fragrance is a combination of golden honey, rich bakery tones, and cinnamon and ginger! All I can say is it’s delicious, and I don’t want to stop sniffing it! It’s really making me hungry, to be honest!

Last is another Hayao Miyazaki inspired candle, and I am ecstatic because it’s my favorite character from my ultimate favorite Ghibli movie! River Spirit has Haku in mind from ‘Spirited Away!’ I like the dragon spirit form of Haku on the label! This one has sea salt, fresh breezes, and notes of jasmine, citrus and white musk! I’m glad this one is more masculine and musky! It’s definitely my second favorite out of the bunch and no, the fact that the candle is inspired by Haku doesn’t play into why I adore this candle…not much, anyways!

Overall, I’m very satisfied by this month’s sampler set! It’s quite the nostalgic experience unboxing this, and all the curated items are kawaii and the candles were nicely scented and potent! 5/5 for you, Wick and Fable! September’s box will be Sci-Fi themed, and it’ll be cray! If you’re a fan of Illuminae (crossing my fingers and toes for an AIDAN candle), The Lunar Chronicles, Shatter Me, The 100, Legend and Star Wars, then you don’t want to miss out on this! Each box is only $25 + shipping! Head on over to Wick and Fable for the Mayhem Sampler Set before they sell out! Also, 25% of the proceeds will go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund!


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