Flick the Wick’s September Magician’s London Box

Hey, y’all! I’m back for another candle box review and for this month, it’s all about ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ for the VE Schwab fans out there! This is my first time doing an unboxing of Flick the Wick‘s monthly candle box, but I have ordered other candles from them before! I’ve loved them all, especially the Hobbitses, and I have a feeling this box won’t be any different!

First up is this super cute Kell magnetic bookmark from dreamy&co and let me tell you, I adore magnetic bookmarks! I have many of them from my other favorite fandoms, and I’m happy to see one from ADSOM! Lookit that dashing redcoat of Kell’s! Loveeeeee!

Next up is this metal bookmark with a nautical design and Lila inspired quote! This is also designed by dreamy&co! I think it’s pretty neat that they offer more than just magnetic bookmarks! This is awesome!

Gaiz…not sure if I’ve conveyed my love for tea over here—this is my next obsession after bookish candles! How precious is this House of Maresh Tea Blend by The Tea Spot? It’s a fruity and floral rooibos blend…my fav kind! Too bad we only get a little sampler of it, but I will relish every cup I make out of this! Any sub box that provides tea samples is just gold to me, ok?

Okay…how perfect is this that they even provided an Earl Grey Tea Shortbread Cookies recipe card? Like please…stop being awesome, Flick the Wick! It looks easy enough (says the gal who loves to bake), so I’m definitely trying this, no doubt! What a complimentary accompaniment to the House of Maresh tea sample!

Look at this fantastic coaster that’s designed, once again, by dreamy&co! They don’t just do bookmarks, folks! I’m liking the varsity lettering vibe for this, and it’s great that they also chose one of the most iconic quotes from the series! Honestly tho, I never use the coasters I get from sub boxes and friends…they’re too pretty to be used as drink holders! Nuh uh, I refuse! This will be hoarded just like my other coasters, muahaha!

I finally have an art print from ‘A Conjuring of Light’—super neat! I’ve read that scars are either badges of honor or they tell a story about the person wearing them! This quote pretty much speaks the same thing…that scars show a person is a survivor! I love that!

This is the other side of the art print! Quite a deep message! Took me awhile to get the idea of it, but it definitely speaks to me! Wanna guess who designed this? Haha! Dreamy&co really is amazingly versatile in what they have to offer! I’m liking everything I’ve gotten so far! Nicely done!

I legit squealed when I saw this! Look at how lovely this As Hasari Bath Salts bottle is! As soon as I opened the cork, all I could smell was oranges and flowery goodness! I’m so excited to use this, my gosh! I feel like with the small size, it’s a one time use thing, and I’m kinda dreading that because this looks and smells so gorgeous! FYI: As Hasari means ‘to heal’—how appropriate! Alritey, let’s move on to the candles!

This 2 oz. The Grey Thief candle is a Lila Bard inspired one with the scent combo of sea salt, melon, cucumber, sea moss and Baltic amber. First sniff, I immediately got a lungful of the sweetness of the cucumber melon and the muskiness of the amber! It’s fantastic! I think it really represents Lila well becauses she’s a gal trying to prove herself that’s she’s more than just her gender, so the neutral fragrance of this is perfect! An instant favorite for me! The sad thing about boxes like this is that they don’t really offer the full size of the samplers, unless they’re super popular enough. I’m going to be sad once I burn this all up…

Goodness, I think this The Night Market one is my ultimate favorite! It’s got oranges, apple cider and spices—pretty much the scent of autumn for me! I just cannot stop sniffing this, and it’s pretty potent for such a small tin! Flick the Wick, please add this to your shop or I’m going to cry, ahhhhhhh!

Next up is Antari’s Mark with amber, patchouli, soft musk and hints of rose. Have you ever been to a tea and herb shop in Chinatown? Well, that’s what immediately came to mind for this! I love the subtle earthiness of the patchouli with the sweet muskiness of the amber! It’s like I’m about to get my fortune read in a gypsy’s stall with this candle, haha!

The last of the 2 oz. samplers is Vitari Pure Magic and let me tell you, this candle really does smell magical with crisp air, hemlock and magnolia! It’s got an herby, floral fragrance, and it’s smooth and subtle!

Last, but not least, is this 4 oz. The Red Traveler jar! A shout out to Kell, most definitely! It’s a lovely floral candle with rose, geranium and cedarwood going for it! I’m usually not a fan of rose scented candles, as they give me a headache, but it’s not the case for this one at all! The rose is subtle, and I really appreciate that! Overall, I adored this box! An easy 5/5! I’m impressed by the scents that Flick the Wick chose and for samplers, they smelled strong! That’s very important to me! The extra swags that accompanied the candles are well chosen and will be used in the future! Super happy with this ADSOM inspired box!

The October box will be Harry Potter inspired! I immediately nabbed this and to those who were able to get one, yay for you! I’m sorry for those who might be interested because as of now, this is sold out. If you liked what you saw in my unboxing, make sure to sign up to Flick the Wick‘s newsletter, so you don’t miss out next time! Toodles!



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